lunes, 26 de enero de 2009

Song "El Menú" a capella for six voices

You have this same article in Spanish here.

Sometime ago I found out n-track Studio. This software emulates a multi-track recording studio. It makes it extremely easy to record a song track by track. At the same time it plays those already recorded tracks, just as you would in a recording studio.

I decided that I should benefit from something like that. So I started recording the song "El Menú", voice by voice, track by track. What you can see and listen in the next video is the result: the song "El Menú" for six voices recorded entirely by me.
Do not expecto great things from me as a singer. I had never done falsetto nor had I recorded six different voices myself. And definitely I am not Pavarotti. But you can be sure that it was really funny to do this (maybe my wife has a different point of view :-D)

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